Bundled Value Packages

Budget friendly concept strengthening advanced course bundle

This course is designed exclusively for students who are just starting their preparation and are looking for foundational growth for the Preliminary as well as Mains Examination.

It combines the 1 Month Starter Package and the 3 Months Booster Package in an affordable price. Check the links provided below to know more about these packages.

Rs. 12,799

The perfect money saver programme for your entire preparation

This is the premium package we offer and is highly recommended by us. It prepares the candidate for all the three stages of the examination: Preliminary Exam, Mains Exam and the final Interview.

It combines the 1 Month Starter, 3 Months Booster and 6 Months Topper packages in an economical cost. Check the links provided below to see the specific details about these packages.

1 Month Starter Package

3 Month Booster Package

6 Months Topper Package

Rs. 32,099