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Master the syllabus and conquer the exam to make your dream a reality.

This package is ideal for students who have been in the serious preparation mode for atleast the past 4 months and are aiming at mastering the exam. It is highly recommended for students who have completed my 3 Months Booster Package. Before and after each session I will be giving you certain tasks which will be discussed on the calls. You will also receive various articles, Emails and PDF files from me during the programme.

The programme covers the following topics:

1. General Studies

  • Completion of entire syllabus

  • Special focus on Mains-only topics

  • Changing trends 

  • Covering niche topics

  • Rigorous revision programme


2. Prelims Exam

  • Daily mock tests solving

  • Previous year questions

  • Accelerated programme for 'hot' topics

  • Exam Hall experience at home

3. Optional subject

  • Monitoring performance in test series

  • Subject toppers' guidance

4. Mains Exam

  • Mastering Essay

  • Ethics concepts and case studies practice

  • Weekly marks monitoring

  • Current affairs for exam

  • Rigorous answer writing programme

5. Newspaper

  • Editorials simplified

  • Covering newspaper in 45 minutes

  • Special note making for revision

6. Revision schedule

  • Personalised revision targets

  • Weekly feedbacks

7. Interview

  • Private video call sessions

  • Interaction with toppers

  • Mock interviews

  • Filling Detailed Application Form

8. Bonus Material

  • Dedicated doubt sessions

  • Mental attitude strengthening

  • Tips for exam performance boostup

  • Toppers' strategies

  • Subscription to exclusive E-Mail updates

  • Membership to exclusive WhatsApp group

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6 Months Topper Package

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This is the final rigorous programme an aspirant must do to excel in all the three stages of the UPSC Examination.


Jayendra Kumar

AIR 151, IAS 2017 Exam

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