3 Months Booster Package

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Deep dive into hardcore study of your IAS preparation.

This package is ideal for students who have completed the basics of the exam and are aware of the right attitude needed to succeed in it. It is highly recommended for students who have completed my 1 Month Starter Package. Before and after each session I will be giving you certain tasks which will be discussed on the calls. You will also receive various articles, Emails and PDF files from me during the programme.

The programme covers the following topics:

1. General Studies

  • Atleast 2 subjects will be finished completely

  • Atleast 2 subjects will be completed to an intermediate level

  • Basics of atleast 2 subjects will be completed

  • Advanced Level book reading

  • Prelims MCQ practice and techniques

2. Prelims Exam

  • Books and study material finalised

  • Marks improvement in mock tests

  • CSAT problem solving & practice

  • Art of note making


3. Optional Subject

  • Guidance on choosing your optional subject

  • Study sources for optional

  • Managing optional & General Studies together 


4. Mains Answer Writing

  • Daily answer writing

  • Art of note making

  • Time management

  • Structure of answers

  • Use of facts, maps, data and flowcharts

5. Newspaper 

  • Editorial reading

  • Paper completion in 1 hour

  • Managing monthly newspaper notes

6. Introduction to essay writing

7. Bonus Material

  • Doubt clearance sessions

  • Discussion on complex topics

  • Motivation

  • Toppers' strategies updated regularly


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This course acts as a great bridge to move from a beginner level to an advanced level preparation in just 3 months.


Ajay Yadav

AIR 333, IAS 2017 Exam

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