Want to become an IAS?

Discover the IAS inside you with the ultimate UPSC expert

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Want to become

an IAS?

Discover the IAS inside you with the ultimate UPSC expert

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Hi. I'm Karthik Kotturu.

IAS 2017 : AIR 529

IES 2018  : AIR 5

Having cracked the UPSC twice, I know what it takes to become an IAS officer. I believe that every dedicated aspirant has a unique path to success. To find that path, all that is required is right guidance and mentorship throughout the preparation journey.I resigned from my service to pursue my passion of interacting with and guiding the youth of the country.

What Will You Get?

A handholding mentoring support from the beginning of the journey till your final success.

Developing right mindset

Developing officer like qualities

Avoiding negative thoughts

Eliminate fear and anxiety

Develop confidence 

Performance boostup

Personalised book selection

Improving performance in tests

Developing separate approach for prelims and mains 

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Time Management

Creating monthly and weekly targets

Achieving the targets

Personalised time table and schedule

Daily routine management

Mains and Interview focus

Mastering the art of answer writing

Use of data, diagrams, maps

Managing huge syllabus

Personality development for interview

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Managing daily updates

How to read newspaper

Art of note making

Linking newspaper and syllabus

Covering current affairs, magazines

Personal Assistant

One private session per week

Ask literally any doubt!

Motivation and positive thinking

Always just a call away!

Get a free session now

A 20 minute session with Karthik Kotturu on your IAS journey ahead.


Trusted by Thousands of Students
Throughout the Country

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The biggest mistake an aspirant makes is study what is not needed. I know that Karthik's students never have this problem.


Anubhav Singh

AIR 8, IAS 2018 Batch

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Developing a bureaucrat's mindset is a must for becoming a civil servant. Karthik makes sure that his students have that.


Sumit Yadav

AIR 279, IAS 2019 Batch

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Karthik's weekly progress monitoring method is an extension of how toppers actually prepare.


Sandeep Bhagia

AIR 30, IAS 2018 Batch

1 Month Starter

4 personal sessions


The perfect mentoring programme to kickstart your IAS preparation.

Rs. 5299

3 Months Booster

12 personal sessions

Deep dive into hardcore study of your IAS preparation.



6 Months Topper

24 personal sessions

Master the syllabus and conquer the exam to make your dream a reality.


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